Workday Reinvention

Turbo-charging productivity and wellbeing for individuals, teams, and organisations

By Amantha Imber //

"There are a multitude of evidence-based tools that this program exposes you to. Pick the right ones for you and commit to change, and you will soon see the benefits." - Praveen Reddy, CEO, Periscope Corporation

Ready to reinvent the workday?

We are living in the age of distraction where the average adult can only stay focused for an average of six minutes before doing a "just check" of email, IM or social media. Yet to get deep and impactful work done, we need to change the way we work.

Inventium's Workday Reinvention Program is the antidote to poor work habits. This program will transform the way people work to not only boost productivity, but also increase employee wellbeing through re-training them how to stay focused on what matters and make progress on their most meaningful projects.

Every tool, every strategy, and every hack contained in this program is based on the latest science from cognitive psychology and neuroscience. You can expect to see not only an immediate uplift on productivity, but one that is maintained for the long-term.

And by increasing productivity and wellbeing, your staff will be able to get more (and better) work done in less time, feel happier and more engaged, and ultimately be more valuable to the business.

We look forward to hopefully getting the chance to work with you soon. If you have any queries about anything contained in this proposal, please feel free to reach out any time to

"I loved the program – my productivity has improved tenfold using the easy to apply science-backed tools. The program has helped me develop a laser-like focus so I can get high-quality work done in much less time." - Emily Frost, Project Manager, Newgate Communications

An Overview

The six-week Workday Reinvention Program is designed to transform the way your staff work to deliver a significant uplift in productivity, as well as greater engagement and wellbeing, through a series of techniques focused on building new habits and behaviours.

The Workday Reinvention program will transform the way your people work, from when they start the day through to when they clock off. Among other things, this program will cover:

  • The simple strategy that will let you win back at least two hours in every workday
  • The Minimum Effective Dose required for a break that re-energises you
  • Why the traditional to-do list is killing your productivity, and what to use instead
  • How to structure your workday proactively, based on your natural energy levels and brain power
  • The three key ingredients that make up the perfect lunch break (that leaves you fully re-charged for the afternoon)
  • The perfect time of day to check emails
  • How your email auto-responder can help you achieve a more focused morning
  • How to manufacture the perfect end to every workday
  • And much, much more.
  • Here is an overview of the six-week program:

    Week 1: FOCUS

    This week is all about re-learning how to do significant chunks of focused work in this world of the six minute attention span. Ultimately, everything you will learn in the program will help you achieve this, because to make real progress on your most important projects, being able to complete periods of deep, focused work is a critical skill to have in your career.

    More specifically, Week 1 covers:

  • Deep Work: What it is, why it matters, and how to do it
  • Monotasking: Why multitasking is killing your productivity and how monotasking can shave off 40% your workday 
  • Reinventing the to-do list: Aligning to-do lists with how your brain works best.
  • Week 2: STRUCTURE

    Most people's workdays are set up to react to others. For example, many of us check email first thing, which automatically puts us on the back foot - other people's priorities become our own.

    In addition, most people give little to no thought about how they can proactively align their work schedule with their natural energy rhythms and cognitive peaks (i.e. circadian rhythms). As such, we run our workdays in a manner that is far from optimal.

    Week 2 looks at how we can (re)structure our day to design the best and most productive day possible. We cover:

  • Chronotypes: What is your "type" and how to align it to what you work on and when you work on it
  • Email efficiency: Why “batching” emails is critical for increasing focus and productivity
  • Meeting scheduling: How to schedule meetings in a more effective way, as suboptimal scheduling of meetings can kill productivity by over 20% 
  • Meeting effectiveness: How to keep your meetings short, sharp and outcome-focused.
  • Week 3: ROUTINE

    In Week 3, we turn the positive changes you have been making to your workday into lasting habits. We explain how to create a Deep Work routine, so that getting big batches of focused work done becomes effortless.

    More specifically, we cover:

  • The Habit Loop: The four critical ingredients required to turn a behaviour into a habit
  • The Cue: How to get yourself into a deep, focused zone quickly
  • The Routine: How your physical environment can be used to accelerate your Deep Work habit
  • The Reward: Strategies to reward your Deep Work habit so that it becomes addictive.

    We all know that digital distractions are killing our ability to get deep and focused work done. As previously mentioned, the average adult can only stay focused for six minutes before they hop on over to their email or instant messenger for a "just check".

    Week 4 delves into both technology and analogue hacks for making it effortless to stay focused on one task at a time. These hacks are aimed at removing distractions and making it easy for people to get deep, focused work done. Specifically, Week 4 covers:

  • Technology hacks: Several easy-to-apply technology hacks to better focus your attention
  • Going analogue: Analogue strategies that will enhance memory and creative thinking
  • Reducing digital distractions: Strategies to reduce the temptation of spending time on digital devices
  • Week 5: ENERGY (PART 1)

    Little thought is given to how we can stay energised for an entire day at work. For example, deliberate thought is rarely given to the way we take breaks at work. For some, breaks are seen as a sign of weakness, and for others, breaks are simply taken at random times during the day.

    Week 5 reveals the science of how to stay energised at work and covers:

  • Digital hygiene: The importance of digital hygiene and how it will increase your wellbeing and energy levels at work (and at home!)
  • Optimal breaks: The “minimum effective dose” required for breaks that re-charge
  • The ideal lunch: The three key “ingredients” to a lunch break that boosts afternoon productivity.
  • Shutting down your day: A four-step process to creating the perfect end to your workday.
  • Week 6: ENERGY (PART 2)

    Week 6 focuses on helping you stay energised and manage stress. You will be introduced to hypnosis, which is a bit like mindfulness meditation on steroids - and much, much easier to do. Put simply, meditation is essentially deep relaxation. Hypnosis also brings deep relaxation but as well as that, it allows you to utilise the huge resource that we all have available to us – our unconscious mind.

    You'll receive a hypnosis recording to listen to daily, designed especially for this program by world renowned clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr Doris Brett. The recording will dramatically reduce stress, improve resilience, and help you manage any challenges or setbacks that are thrown your way.


    The program will wrap up by spending time doing structured reflection around the changes you have made to your workday. You will consider which changes have been most effective and how you can plan to sustain that change.

    We also encourage you to discuss those changes with your manager and what support you require to continue your newfound productive and healthy working ways.

    "This course makes light work of the hard work of managing your time." - Project Manager, Major Road Projects Victoria


    The Workday Reinvention Program is designed to achieve a significant increase in:

  • Productivity and the speed at which participants can accomplish their work tasks
  • Ability to do deep, focused work and make meaningful progress on key projects
  • Ability to tune out digital distractions
  • Energy levels throughout the workday
  • And ultimately improve people’s love for their work. 
  • But more specifically, in our recent program - where 215 people participated - demonstrated the following improvements, comparing pre to post program data.

  • 23% increase in productivity
  • 20% increase in people feeling energised at work
  • 11% increase in employee engagement
  • 14% increase in job satisfaction
  • 17% reduction in stress
  • 12% improvement in overall feeling of wellbeing.
  • Pretty remarkable for a six week program!

    And unlike most behaviour change programs, where behaviour goes back to where it was, the opposite happens with Workday Reinvention participants: six weeks on from the program finishing, these results continue to increase by as much as another 11%!

    If you'd like those kind of results in your organisation, we should get started!

    "I have reduced my 'nothing' time (unproductive or distracted work time) from 16% of my week to 5% AND I have actually worked the shortest week in MONTHS. Normally I'm around 44 hours, this week was 39 hours." - Head of People and Culture, Stomping Ground

    Program delivery

  • Webinar launch event in Week 1 of the program (45 mins). The webinar will provide you with an initial set of strategies and will help create new habits and behaviour change.
  • You will access the remainder of the program content through our online platform. Each week, you will be able to access that week's content videos, handouts, toolkit cards and other resources. The content will take no more than 10 minutes for you to "consume" per week.
  • 1 x ROI report, analysing the program's impact on productivity, engagement, and energy.
  • You will need to complete a pre-program and post-program survey of approximately 6 minutes in length so we can quantify the behaviour change and ROI.
  • "This program was one of the best development things we have done as a team. It has raised the level of consciousness in the office around time and it has given the team tangible tools to implement changes in how they spend this precious resource...which is critical in a professional services firm!" - Director, Mkt. Communications

    Here are some of Inventium's happy clients...

    The Inventium ROI Guarantee

    But here is something to keep in mind (especially if you have never worked with us before):

    Our programs will deliver a positive ROI on your investment.

    If they don’t, just pay what you think it was worth.


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