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Turn your people into superstar innovation facilitators

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Innovation Facilitator Training

10th and 11th of September 2019, Melbourne.

This document provides details of our Open for Public Facilitator Training program for Innovation Facilitators within your organisation. Your chosen facilitator/s will be trained in best-practice innovation facilitation methods that have been scientifically proven to work.

We look forward to having you join us in an amazingly educational and practical course. If you have any queries about anything contained within this document, please feel free to reach out any time to

Program Summary

Inventium’s Facilitator Training is an advanced two-day program designed to educate people on techniques and strategies that will turn them into highly effective facilitators of innovation workshops.

The expertise of facilitation comes in at two key stages in Inventium's Best Practice Innovation Process - ideate and shortlist (as shown below). Participants will learn all of the skills they need to facilitate workshops across these two stages, utilising Inventium's science-based tools.

A pre-requisite for attending the Facilitator Training is for all participants to also attend a one-day Innovation Lab, held in Melbourne. If your facilitators have already attended an Innovation Lab, then attendance on this day is not mandatory.

The Facilitator Training program is supported with lifetime access to Inventium's online innovation training portal. This provides participants with a deeper understanding of innovation tools, including a stack of downloadable templates and stimulus to support them in effortlessly applying the skills they learn in the training.

A bit more detail...

Innovation Lab (9th September, 2019)

The Innovation Lab is a one day training program designed to educate participants on specific techniques that can be used to generate creative and disruptive ideas, in addition to tools to ensure that those facilitating group sessions get the absolute most out of each individual in the group. This module consists of the following sections, outlined below.

Creating the right mindset and environment

Participants will:

  • Be introduced to an end to end best practice innovation framework.
  • Be trained in tools that are designed to create the optimal mindset in people so that they are comfortable with taking risks (which is vital for disruptive idea generation);
  • Learn how to activate the creative thinking parts of the brain;
  • Become skilled at setting up the physical environment to make it conducive to creative thinking.
  • Group Optimisation

    Participants will learn:

  • Several tools that can be used to optimise the behaviour of small to large groups that they work with;
  • Techniques that are designed to at least double the productivity and creativity in meetings, workshops and brainstorms.
  • Idea generation

    Participants will learn:

  • A variety of tools that are specifically designed to generate breakthrough and disruptive ideas;
  • Tools that are designed to be used both individually and in a group situation.
  • Decision-making

    Participants will learn:

  • What the ideal mix of intuitive and analytical methods of decision-making is for making optimal decisions about ideas;
  • How to apply these learnings for individual decision-making;
  • How to structure decision-making/shortlisting within a workshop or meeting.
  • Fleshing out ideas

    Participants will learn a seven-part framework 
for fleshing out ideas.

    Facilitator Training (10 and 11 September, 2019)

    Day 1:

  • Overview of best practice innovation process;
  • Overview of Inventium's innovation facilitation framework;
  • Identifying and articulating the most profitable challenges to solve;
  • Clarifying what solving the challenge will achieve for your organisation;
  • Understanding the thinking skills that will be required to select participants effectively;
  • Selecting outsiders to inject innovative thinking;
  • Setting the flow and structure of your workshop, choosing the best tools and managing the time you have allocated effectively;
  • Customising materials and stimulus for your workshop;
  • Utilising people's brains before the workshop officially begins.
  • Day 2:

  • Setting your workshop up for success on the day;
  • Building excitement for the challenge and engaging the audience;
  • Providing clear and succinct instructions using Inventium's 5 Step Structure;
  • Commanding and engaging the room when necessary;
  • Managing your energy and the energy of the room throughout your workshop;
  • Effectively introducing and facilitating the optimal use of best-practice innovation tools;
  • Navigating common pitfalls when facilitating an innovation workshop;
  • Dealing with troublesome participants and common 'de-railers'.
  • Outcomes:

    We promise that after our Facilitator Training program, you will be an expert in:

  • The fundamental tools used in Inventium’s facilitation methodology;
  • Advanced innovation facilitation techniques;
  • Working with your “client” to identify the problem/opportunity;
  • Preparing stimulus thoroughly and easily;
  • Engaging workshop participants;
  • How to run idea generation and short-listing workshops confidently and effectively.
  • Practical Tools to take-away

    In addition to the Online Learning Portal downloadable materials, your newly educated Innovation Facilitators will also take home with them:

  • A set of 400 ‘Mag-a-holic’ articles;
  • A set of our 30 x A3 ‘What Would X Do?’ boards;
  • A copy of Dr. Amantha Imber's book "The Creativity Formula".
  • Innovation Training Online

    As a supplement to the Facilitator Training (as it is an advanced course), participants will have lifetime access to Inventium's Online Training Portal. This provides participants with a permanent refresher of every single tool covered in the training and heaps more, and a stack of downloadable templates and stimulus to support them in effortlessly applying their facilitation skills.

    The Online Innovation Training contains the following features:

  • Multi-format (audio, visual, text) and multi-platform (online, mobile, pen-and-paper) because we recognise that people have different learning preferences
  • Led by Inventium’s Founder Dr Amantha Imber, our Customer Driven Innovation online training program is designed for anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  • Flexible and self paced, so participants can engage when they have the headspace, on the platform that’s right for them.
  • Our downloadable tools and templates are designed to make it super easy for participants to apply all their great learnings through practical application and practice.
  • Hear from real organisations from industries as diverse as insurance, to travel, to charities through to FMCG talking about how they have applied Inventium’s tools.
  • What you get

    1. Save Thousands of Dollars

    By removing the need to bring in external consultants to help facilitate innovation workshops and processes. The average rate for a full day workshop charged by any external facilitator ranges from $5-10K, meaning that if you only reduce your reliance on one external facilitator by one day, you have already made a solid return on investment.

    2. Dramatically Increase Impact

    That your innovation facilitators have across the entire organisation. Participants will learn, practice and get feedback on the skills and knowledge needed to quickly and effortlessly construct highly effective innovation, strategy, problem-solving and decision making sessions where innovative thinking is required.

    3. Reap Rewards Sooner

    With Inventium's scientifically proven approach, innovation facilitators will get it right first time.




    Facilitator Training program

    Total Excluding Tax$4,000.00



    Keen to go ahead?

    Get in touch with us at or call us on 03 9018 7455 and we will arrange for an invoice to be sent over to you.

    One of the best training programs I have ever attended where I can utilise everything learnt immediately back on the job, and see instant results.

    National Sales Capability Manager, Kimberly-Clark

    Three things about Inventium that make us a little bit different…

    1. Our methodology is evidence-based.

    Because we are a bunch of science geeks, we are on a mission to stamp out the fluff that exists in the innovation field. We approach innovation scientifically, in that all of our tools and strategies and everything we do is based on what has been scientifically proven to work.

    2. We will teach you how to fish.

    As much as we love our clients, our aim is to build your internal capability and put the right structures in place to make sure you can stand on your own two feet without us.

    3. We have massive impact.

    Our real skill is making science practical. Just ask our clients. We have helped them achieve all sorts of things, from dramatically increasing innovation capability, through to creating formal innovation processes that reduce failure and increase success rates, to helping them solve their toughest business challenges and generating ideas that have added millions of dollars to their businesses.

    Having been at Canon, in various countries, over the last decade or so, I’ve been to many courses, workshops, training days etc. I can honestly say, without hyperbole, that Inventium’s program was one of the most inspiring programs I’ve attended. The passion and enthusiasm Inventium has for their subject shows through. I found a deep, personal connection to the tangible tools that were demonstrated.

    Category Manager, Canon

    Hear what our clients have to say about us...

    Inventium has delivered excellent results for Coca-Cola Amatil. I have rarely seen a set of creative tools permeate an organisation so quickly due to their clear logic and simplicity.

    National Innovation Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil


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    Confirmation of engagement

    1.A booking is only considered confirmed when the total Fee is received by Inventium in cleared funds.

    2.Inventium will deliver the Training at the rate stated in a proposal or quotation sent to, and accepted by, the Client.


    3.The Client must pay Inventium the Fee, as specified in Item 8 of the Schedule and in accordance with any reasonable payment methods stated on a tax invoice issued by Inventium.

    Obligations – The Client

    4.The Client will:

    a.assist Inventium with any reasonable requirements it may have in connection with the Training; the Fee to Inventium in accordance with its payment terms.

    Obligations – Inventium

    5.In delivering the Training, Inventium will:

    a.act professionally, ethically and responsibly at all times;

    b.comply with all applicable laws; and

    c.comply with any occupational health and safety requirements relating to the Training Venue.

    6.Inventium will notify the Client as soon as it becomes aware if: will be unable to deliver the Training in accordance with this agreement; or

    b.a conflict of interest arises in connection with the Training.

    Cancellations and Postponements

    7.In the event that the Client is required to cancel participation in the Training, which has been confirmed with Inventium, then the Client agrees to the following cancellation terms:

    a.If cancelled and notice is given 60 or more working days prior to the Training Date, then no fee will be payable and any money paid by the Client to Inventium will be refunded in full. Alternatively, the Training may be transferred to another mutually agreed date;

    b.If cancelled and notice is given within 30 to 59 working days prior to the Training Date, then Inventium will retain 50% of the Fee; and

    c.If cancelled and notice is given within 29 working days prior to the Training Date, then Inventium will retain 100% of the Fee.

    8.In the event that the Client is, for any reason, required to cancel the Training Date, then any training resources such as products, workshop materials, venue hire payments and other expenses arranged and purchased on behalf of the Client by Inventium, will be invoiced for full payment to the Client, if they cannot be returned to, or refunded by, the supplier.

    9.In the event that Inventium is required to cancel the Training Date, then all monies paid to Inventium will be refunded to the Client. Alternatively, the Client may choose to have Inventium arrange a replacement trainer in lieu of the refund, or to transfer the Training Date to another mutually agreed time.


    10.The copyright in all materials provided by Inventium in connection with the Training shall remain the sole property of Inventium and prior written consent by Inventium is required before any electronic recording is made by the Client.

    Acceptance of these terms and conditions

    16.Your booking of the Training with Inventium constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


    17.The laws of Victoria govern this agreement.

    18.Both Inventium and the Client must use reasonable efforts to do all things necessary to give full effect to this agreement.